To be recognized as a company that delivers that it offers, innovative, and that our company will be a perfect synonymous of tourism, holidays, nature and enjoy..


Providing a friendly and exclusive service, which seeks not only to show places, also educate about the care of environment, in appreciation for ours and leave a lasting memory of serenity, joy and harmony in our customers..


All tours has recommendations, once booked the tour, is given to each passenger a recommendations of tour, transfer, trekking, and others; and restrictions of each activity for a good experience tour.   

Every tour have restrictions, principally the weather, physical condition, health and age.

Tour around araucania

Disconnect of the technology and enjoy the amazing places that give us the nature in Conguillío National Park, walk between native forest, lakes and different colors. 

Visit National Parks, National Reserves, Araucanía Coast, Spa's, Ski Centers, and much more, with Turismo TrufulCo.

We perform full day tours, weekends or personalized, in all seasons, with Turismo TrufulCo.

Adventure - Trekking 

Trekking with differents levels of difficult, for all ages.

We have a certified, registered Guide in SERNATUR, with high experience in the Region, flora and fauna, Operators First Aid, survival Experts and English Traslator. 

Principally we go to Sierra Nevada, Llaima Volcano, Sollipulli Volcano, Geiser, and more.

Private transport

Passenger Transport services for all our customers. Vehicles 4x4, safe, moderns and comfortables, for a quiet trip.

Transfer from the Araucanía Airport to your destination (Temuco or surroundings).

Our company is characterized by giving a personalized and high quality service.